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How much does a marketing manager get paid?

A marketing manager is responsible for organising and implementing the marketing activities for a company or organisation.

She may also help devise marketing strategy with the marketing director. Marketing is focused on making sure those customers or patrons receive the goods, services or experience they want.


A survey conducted by the trade publication Marketing Week concluded that the average annual salary for a marketing manager working in the UK was £37,305 in 2012. This is the basic salary package, without benefits but before tax and National Insurance deductions.


The Marketing Week survey compared the 2012 average salary figure with that from previous years.

It represented a fall from an average of £41,300 in 2010. While it may seem that the decline in average pay is due to the global economic crisis that began in 2008, the publication asserts that the decline in pay may also be due to companies offering more flexible working hours and conditions, rather than cost-cutting.


Additional benefits aside from salary will vary between companies. However, they may include a company pension scheme, options to purchase shares in the company at a discounted rate, private healthcare and, if the role requires it, the use of a company car. Some marketing managers receive cash bonuses dependent upon performance criteria agreed with the marketing director.


A marketing manager is a customer-focused role.

Duties in the role concern communicating with customers, ensuring they are aware of what the company offers, and that the company is meeting the needs and expectations of customers. A marketing manager devises promotional and external communications material. They also identify target markets and initiates communication with them.

They must also be aware of current market trends that may affect the performance of her company, as well as the marketing initiatives undertaken by competitors. They will also be responsible for the management and career development of the marketing team.