How much does an interior painter make per hour?

The salary for an interior painter does not differ much from that of a painter who paints only exteriors or who paints both interiors and exteriors. The amount of money a painter makes per year depends in large part on his skills and experience. Location is another important determinant of a painter's salary.

Interior Painter

A survey of ten interior painter jobs in the United States by the website Salary Expert states that the salary range for an interior painter can be between £18,395 and £34,905, as of December 2010. The £18,395 position was in Dallas, and the £34,905 job was in Chicago.


The more skills painting an interior that a painter has, the more money he can make. For example, brushing and rolling are basic to most painters. However, a skilled sprayer who can spray lacquers and oil finishes may make a higher salary than a beginning painter without that skill. A faux finisher can also get more money.

Painters in General

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average salary for a painter (both interior and exterior) in the residential building industry is about £21,580. The average annual salary of a painter in the building finishing contractor industry isa little higher at about £23,660. This data is current as of May 2009.

States and Cities

Illinois is the highest-paying state for painters in general. The annual average salary there is £32,474. If a painter lives in Nevada, the mean annual salary is £31,102, and in Alaska, it is £29,991. The highest-paying metropolitan area for painters is Lawrence-Methuen-Salem, Massachusetts-New Hampshire, where painters earn about £46,436 on average each year. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, painters earn about £36,270 per year, and those in the Nassau-Suffolk, New York, region can bring in about £38,122 each year.

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