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Nightclub manager job description

People go to nightclubs to unwind from the workweek, have a few drinks, talk to friends or make new friends and dance. While nightclub patrons are out on the floor, the nightclub manager is behind the scenes working to ensure their safety and keep the place running smoothly.

Primary Duties

The most important aspect of the nightclub manager's job description is meeting sales quotas and profit margins. This is largely accomplished by providing the most popular music, using talented DJs and maintaining proper upkeep of the dance floor, lighting and other elements that add to the nightclub's ambience. The nightclub manger's job description also includes hiring and training qualified employees, such as bartenders, barmaids, bouncers, cashiers, DJs, cooks and maintenance workers.

Additional Responsibilities

The nightclub manager's job description includes overseeing the ordering process of all alcohol, food, ice, glasses, napkins and other supplies on a regular basis. A nightclub manager's job description also may entail planning and implementing special promotions. Moreover, a nightclub manager's job description requires the adherence to proper safety standards with regard to in-store operations, transferring cash to the bank and preventing theft.


A nightclub manager's job description usually requires that the manager have a college degree and some management experience, particularly in the food-service industry. Nightclub managers can learn about management, accounting and operations in undergrad and MBA programs through most colleges and universities. Some schools offer certification in service training, alcohol service, safe food handling and first aid, which are often part of a nightclub manager's job qualifications.


A nightclub manager's job description usually requires that the manager have the ability to work well with people, including the waiting staff, customers, vendors and banks. Nightclub managers should also have excellent computer skills, be self-motivated, have excellent planning skills and be able to make timely and competent decisions.

Salary And Job Outlook

Experienced nightclub managers earned an average salary of nearly £30,550 in 2010, though they may have received bonuses as well. The longer the nightclub manager stays employed with the nightclub, the more likely it is that his income will increase. The outlook for nightclub management jobs appears optimistic, because high-quality nightclub managers with experience and talent can be difficult to retain.