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How to Open a Bank Account Online Instantly

Most banks now offer the ability to open bank accounts online.

Opening an account online is easy and convenient and saves you a trip to the bank. To open an account online you will need to select the type of account you would like to open, verify your identity and fund your new account. You can normally fund your account by transferring funds from another bank account.

Research the type of account you would like to open and the best bank for your needs. Factors to consider include interest paid on the account, minimum balance requirements, monthly fees and benefits and features of the account.

Go to the website for the bank where you would like to open an instant online account.

Navigate to the particular account you would like to open and click the "Apply" button.

Enter the requested information. You will typically have to enter your full name, a five year address history, your social security number and your driver's license or state issued ID number.

Fund your account. You can typically fund your account with money held in any bank account in the United States. Enter the routing number and account number for the bank account you want to use to fund your new account and the amount of money you would like to transfer to the new account.

Create a user ID and password to access online banking features for your new bank account. Make sure you choose a unique password that is not easily duplicated or used for other sites.

Receive confirmation of your new account. After submitting the requested information and funding the account, you will receive instant confirmation with your new account number. In most cases, you will receive new checks and debit cards in approximately 10 to 14 business days.