OSHA Office Aisle Space Requirements

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements are regulated by stature, standards, and regulations generated by this governmental agency. Employers must abide by these regulations in order to stay in compliance with OSHA. These regulations are in place in order to ensure workplace safety. While there many topics covered under OSHA requirements, aisle space requirements are among those to which employers must stringently adhere or face strict fines.


The lines that dictate where the walls or cubicles of the office aisles should start are used to delineate the aisles. These lines can be made any colour as long as they are able to specifically define the aisle space of an office. The lines can be made out of squares, strips, dots or a straight continuous line.


There are set markings, such as tape or small permanent markers, needed for meeting OSHA requirements for aisle space requirements. The type of markings that a company uses depends on what they choose to use. OSHA simply states that the aisles must be marked to delineate the aisles. The recommended width of the aisle markings is anywhere between 2 to 6 inches. This makes any aisle with a width of 2 inches or more correct.


For aisles, OSHA states that the width must be at least three feet wider than the largest equipment. If three feet wider is too much, OSHA has an alternative. The alternative is that the aisle must be a minimum of four feet. OSHA checks twice a year to ensure that the requirements are being followed. OSHA could come out more often if there are complaints from people who visit or work at the company. If the company does not meet the requirements, they are written up for violations and given a set amount of time to have the necessary changes made.

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