How to Take a Dent Out of a Car

A dent in your car can also make a dent in your pocketbook if you go to a repair shop. If a dent is small, it can easily be fixed at home without the unnecessary expenditure of time and money. If you follow some simple steps that are performed with a few household items, your car will be looking good as new in no time.

Use a hair dryer on the entire area for at least 30 seconds. Set the dryer on "high"; any dryer will work.

Apply the air duster immediately by holding the can upside down and spraying the heated area for a full 10 seconds.

Watch as the dent pops out by itself. You should be able to hear it.

Wipe the area clean with a soft cloth.

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Things Needed

  • Hair dryer
  • Air duster
  • Cloth

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