How to find out how much someone paid for a house

With the help of the Internet, it's relatively easy to find out how much someone paid for their home. Perhaps the simplest, most straightforward way to find out how much a house sold for is to have your real estate agent or mortgage broker tell you. This is a good way for them to earn the fee you're paying. If you are curious about what a home in your neighbourhood sold for, or just want to compare home values, websites like and are good resources to use.

Visit your county assessor's office or the assessor's website. You'll get information quicker if you have the exact address of the property. In some cases, you'll be able to determine the selling price of a house by conducting a search of properties in the same neighbourhood. Searching by neighbourhood is the best alternative if you don't have the exact address of the home, and it helps to know the township location of the property in question. In addition, the county assessor can provide you with information about the property, such as square footage, amenities and the age of the home.

Log onto or Again, if you're unsure of the exact address, locate the address of the property in question by conducting a neighbourhood or city search. Once you've located the property you're searching for, you'll be provided with an aerial view of the property. Furthermore, you'll be given information about the property such as the estimated monthly mortgage payment, amenities and the total cost of the property. The property values listed on these websites may be based on the estimated market value of properties in the area. So the price listed may not be the exact amount someone paid for the property, but it will give you a pretty good idea of the cost.

Log onto If you're unable to get information from visiting your county assessor or you just want to verify the information you've been given, this is a good website for finding out how much was paid for a home. Input the address and zip code of the property. You'll be shown the sale date, price, square footage and the age of the home. You may not receive specific information about the amenities of the property, but you'll know the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition, you may extend your search to a two-mile radius to view the selling prices of properties in the neighbourhood.

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