How to find out who owns a house

There are several reasons why you might want to find out who owns a house. Perhaps you are a neighbour who wants to inform the owner of tenant's activities. Perhaps you happened upon a house that you want to purchase. Perhaps you are a landlord who wants to make sure the prospect tenant gave you the correct landlord information. Perhaps you are a creditor who wants to verify that an applicant does indeed own her home.

Find out what city and town in which the house is located. This might sound like an obvious tip, but a house may be in what you think is one locality when the mailing address may actually be for the adjacent city.

Call the city or town hall; you should be able to find the number in the phone book or through a simple Internet search. Ask for the tax receiver's or tax assessor's office

Tell the clerk that you want to know who owns the property and that you need the mailing address. This is public information and so you should have no problem obtaining this information. In some cases the clerk may tell you to come down to the records office and research the information yourself. Should this happen, there will be someone to show you how to do the search. In most cases, however, your question will be answered over the phone.

(Other options) Go to the website where you can look up an address. The website, however, is just in its beginning stages and so only a handful of state and city information is available. In addition, county property tax assessors in some localities have websites. You can look up the website for your town to see whether it has a search feature. In some cases you can find what you are looking for, searching by either name or address.

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