How to find out who owns a house property

If you want to report a problem to the owner of a house or if you are interested in purchasing a property, you need to find out who owns it. Discovering the name of the owner enables you to locate that person or properly address him.

Determine the address of the property. Look on the house or the property's mailbox for the numerical street address. Check the street sign at the end of the street to determine the name of the street on which the property is located. If the house doesn't have a house number or the street doesn't have a street sign, wait for the mail delivery driver to come down the street or stop and ask a neighbourhood police officer for the number of the house and the street name.

Visit the county tax assessor's office located in the county where the property exists or find a database for tax assessment listings. A county tax assessor's office maintains records of property ownership for tax purposes.

Tell the representative at the tax assessor's office the address of the property for which you would like to determine the name of the owner. The representative may point you in the direction of a computer system, or she may look up the information for you. If you are searching the county's online public records either on your home computer or on the computer at the county tax assessor's office, enter the street number, the name of the street and the name of the town or city.

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