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How to Find Your APN Number

The assessor's parcel number, often abbreviated "APN", is a number assigned to an individual lot of land or property that is used for record keeping purposes. The numbers are assigned by either a city or county tax assessor.

To locate the APN of a specific property, contact the tax assessor that has jurisdiction of the property in question. If you want to find the APN of a property currently on the market, contact the realtor handling the sale.

Go to your city or county's official website.

Click on the section for the city or county tax assessor's office. You might be redirected to a separate website.

Review the information on the website and see if it offers online copies of the city or county's parcel map. Parcel maps list the APNs of individual properties. Locate the property on the map and click on it to view the APN. If the website does not have a parcel map, click on the "Contact" link to view information on how to contact the tax assessor.

Call or e-mail the tax assessor and request the property's APN. Provide the tax assessor with the address of the property. If the property in question is currently on the market, you may also contact the realtor handling the property.

Locate the telephone number or e-mail address for the realtor handling the property in question. Along with the realtor's name, their phone number, e-mail address and the company they work with are often listed on the "For Sale" signs located on the property.

Call the realtor and ask for the property's APN. Provide the realtor with the address of the property.

Things Needed

  • Address to the property