Property Management Rent Inventory Checklist

Rental property management uses rent inventory checklists when inspecting empty rental properties before new owners move in. The checklist has two purposes -- it helps landlords determine what damage was done or what property has been stolen by previous tenants; and informs the landlord of the condition of the space before new tenants move in.

Using an Inventory Checklist

A rental property's management uses a checklist to after tenants move out and often compares it what the list looked like before those tenants moved in. New tenants are often required to sign the checklist before they move in to approve the conditions noted by the property management.

Importance of Inventory Checklist

A rent inventory checklist protects the property management against the tenants should they damage the property or steal items from a furnished rented space. A clause in the rental agreement explains the consequences of stealing private property from the rental space or breaking furniture or appliances on the premises. The checklist with a tenant signature is beneficial should the landlord require legal action against the tenants.

Unfurnished Space

A checklist for an unfurnished space often focuses on documenting damages or scratches to walls, carpets, floors and panels in the rental space. Additional items on the checklist include windows and tracks, heat and cooling systems, vent system, drapes and curtains, light fixtures in the ceiling or on walls, doors and closets, toilet bowls and bathtub and ceramic tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.

Furnished Space

A rent inventory checklist for furnished spaces is often more detailed than unfurnished spaces, because of the extensive amount of furniture in the rental space. Item examples on a furnished space checklist include dinner plates, utensils, cups and wine glasses for the kitchen; dining tables and table mats for the dining room; beds, pillow, mirrors and night stands for the bedroom; and bath towels, floor mats and waste baskets for the bathroom. A checklist for a fully furnished property will be extensive and lengthy. In addition, many items from an unfurnished checklist are also on the furnished list.

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