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How to find a property parcel number

A Property Parcel Number, also called an Assessor's Parcel Number, is a unique identification number assigned to each piece of real property. It is used by the property tax assessor in establishing the tax value of a particular property and then in issuing its tax bill or statement.

When getting a title or deed for a certain property, it is necessary to have a Property Parcel Number. It is easy to find a Property Parcel Number.

Look at the Property Tax Statement or Real Estate Property Tax Bill that you receive from the city or county office. The Account Number or Parcel ID shown on the statement or bill is the Property Parcel Number.

Check the documents you received when buying the property. You may find an Assessor's Tax Parcel Identification Number or Property Parcel Number written on legal documents, such as the Deed of Trust, Deed of Sale or Statutory Warranty Deed.

Go to the city or county assessor's office website, if necessary. Find and click the link given to do a property search, such as "Assessor's Maps," "Parcel Search," "Property Assessment" or "Real Property Search." If prompted, read the Terms of the Disclaimer and Copyright statements, and accept them by clicking the image or link provided. Proceed until you reach the page where you can search either by property address, parcel number or owner's name. If you don't know the city or county assessor's office website, search for it online. You can also go to the Real Marketing website to help you find assessor links by state.

Enter the property address, such as the street number, street name and city. You can also enter the owner's complete name, if given an option. Click "Submit" or "Search." It will show you the property information, including the Tax Account Number or Parcel ID, which is also called the Property Parcel Number.

Visit or call the city or county assessor's office, if needed. Ask if they can give you the Property Parcel Number you are looking for. If they can, give them the property address or the owner's name.

Things Needed

  • Property Tax Statement or Real Property Tax Bill
  • Legal property documents
  • Computer with Internet access
  • City or county assessor's office website
  • Recommended website
  • Contact information of city or county assessor's office