Job Description for Fashion Public Relations

Publicists and experts who specialise in fashion public relations focus on helping apparel companies and retail stores build and maintain a positive brand image to the public. It is the job of a fashion public relations professional, therefore, to derive creative ways in keeping the company's name constantly in the public eye, while also helping to maintain strong professional relationships between the company and various media outlets.

Responsibilities and Tasks

The job of a fashion public relations specialist includes building a promising brand image for your client by carefully selecting information that helps present the company in a favourable light, and using various media channels to relay such information. For instance, writing press releases and conducting press conferences--that are distributed via television, newspapers, magazines, radio, Internet and direct mail--are ways to introduce the current happenings within the company to the public or desired target audience. In addition, when questions from outside sources arise or a company crisis occurs, a fashion public relations specialist is responsible for interacting with the media, answering questions while striving to maintain a good image for the company.

Job Outlook

The job market for fashion public relations specialists is good to excellent, especially considering that the fashion industry is ever-changing and continuously reaching new and advanced heights. In addition to working for design houses and retailers, the job may also allow you to branch out into other areas of PR, where you can grasp more experience handling a variety of clientele. After four to five years in this job field, a fashion public relations specialist can have the potential of being promoted to the job title of senior fashion public relations coordinator, and then to director of fashion public relations.


A four-year degree specialising in the study of public relations or some relevant marketing communications discipline is essential in getting ahead in this professional field. Also, experience interning or working at a fashion PR firm, fashion publication, or similar media outlet is key in proving that you have some level of hands-on knowledge and understanding. Other personal skills that are important in this field are good oral and written communication skills, time-management, and multitasking skills.

Salary Range

An entry-level job in fashion public relations may range from £13,000 to 30,000, while more experienced specialists may earn from £26,000 to 60,000. Top-level specialists may earn from £48,750 to 100,000 and up.

Career Path

The typical career path begins as a promotions assistant before becoming a fashion public relations specialist. After about four or five years as a fairly successful specialist, you may be promoted to fashion public relations coordinator, and then to director of fashion public relations.

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