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What Questions Should Managers Ask During Performance Reviews?

Conducting performance reviews is a job duty of many managers in different types of companies.

The performance review is a chance for the boss and employee to discuss progress and areas for improvement. Knowing what questions to ask the employee can help managers through the process and ensure that both parties get the most out of the review.

What Were Your Biggest Challenges?

Asking an employee what her biggest challenges were throughout the year can help managers determine what areas might need improvement. Also, if multiple employees have challenges in the same areas, it can provide an opportunity for management to discuss additional training or a change in job functions. Knowing what employees think needs to be worked on can give the manager insight into how they view their roles within the company and what areas of their jobs give them cause for concern. This question also allows the manager to ease into what he believes are areas that the employee can improve on.

What Is Your Ideal Managment Style?

Asking an employee about what his ideal management style is can help a supervisor determine what conditions the employee likes to work under. For example, some people would rather work independently and under the radar without much supervision except for when struggling with a project. Other types prefer to have praise and assistance on a consistent basis. This question can help the manager and employee work together to determine a system that best suits both of their needs and that will make both more productive. It might be best to ask this question of employees in an early performance review so the employee and supervisor can adjust their expectations accordingly.

Where Do You Expect to Be in Five Years?

Asking an employee about his plans for the future gives a manager an idea of where he plans to be with the company. Some employees are content in their current roles and can see themselves making a career with the company. Others aspire to move up to higher-level positions within the company to advance their careers. This question can help the manager determine if the employee is ready to take on additional responsibilities as well as help both parties create a plan for the next year. It can also be an opportunity for the boss to become a mentor for the employee to guide him through his career with the company.