Questions for a primary school teacher's interview

Primary schoolteacher interviews typically cover a candidate's personal and professional accomplishments and challenges. Candidates should dress professionally and arrive on time. The interviewer will typically take notes so that he can remember the various candidates' answers. Primary school teachers teach multiple subjects, so interviewers will likely ask questions regarding the candidate's comfort levels in areas that range from math to English.

Education and Background

An interviewer will ask a primary school teaching candidate about his educational background, including where he attended college and completed her student teaching. The interviewer will ask the teacher what grades he has taught and in which schools. The teaching candidate should mention any special certificates or endorsements he has earned, such as a gifted endorsement, along with any extra-curricular or after-school activities he has supervised. The interviewer will also likely ask the teacher about his career goals.

Teaching Philosophy

The teaching candidate should be prepared to outline her teaching philosophy, including how she believes students best learn. The interviewer may ask the candidate to outline a sample lesson plan or to discuss an innovative project she has assigned students. Candidates might also discuss a lesson plan that went awry and what they learnt from it. Teachers should be prepared to discuss why they chose teaching as a profession and how they teach to both advanced and struggling students across subject areas.

Classroom Management

During a primary school teaching interview, the interviewer will ask the prospective teacher how she handles conflict with students and parents and how she disciplines students and maintains control in the classroom. Interviewers might also ask teachers to outline their classroom expectations and rules. The interviewer may give the teacher several student or parent scenarios and ask how the teacher would handle them. Primary school teachers might discuss how they build relationships with students while establishing and maintaining boundaries.


Interviewers will ask primary school teachers to outline their greatest strengths and weaknesses, along with what talents they would bring to the school site. The interviewer may ask the teacher what separates her from other candidates, along with what adjectives a friend or former boss may use to describe her. The teaching candidate might need to discuss his time management skills and describe if he relies more on preparation or improvisation regarding lesson plans and other classroom activities.

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