How to read equifax credit report codes

Credit reports can sometimes look like a document written in a foreign language. Equifax credit reports use an Account History with Status Code listing only with some accounts. This number and letter system indicates the current state of the account and shows the status for any month and year that a payment was at least 30 days or more past due. The numbers 1 through 6 and the letters G, H, J, K and L are used.

Read the last line of information entered for the account on the credit report you're inquiring about. This is a line of numbers and letters underneath a month and year date, if there were months when a payment was late. The listing ends on the first month and year that it was reported to Equifax. The first month and year listed on that line indicate the status of the account as it was last reported.

Read from the left on this line any letters that are listed under a month and year date. The letter G will indicate a collection account, H indicates a foreclosure, J shows a voluntary surrender, K will indicate a repossession and the letter L will indicate a charged-off account.

Read any number codes that may be listed under each date. The number 1 will indicate which month and year the account was 30 to 59 days past due. The number 2 shows any date the account was 60 to 89 days past due. A 3 indicates that the account was 90 to 119 days past due. The number 4 means that the account was 120 to 149 days past due. Number 5 shows a payment was 150 to 179 days past due and number 6 indicates the account was 180 days or more past due in the month and year indicated.

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