Reasons for Applying for New Job

The question of why you have left your previous employer is a dreaded question to answer during a job interview, according to Career Slave. Job Interview Site explains there are answers to this question that are more acceptable than others, when you are sitting in the job interview situation. But there can also be a list of unprofessional reasons why you may be applying for a new job.

No Connection to Education

People may leave their existing position because the title or responsibilities do not reflect the education they have completed. For example, a person with a science degree may leave a customer service job, because he is not using the degree as much as he would like. If a job does not offer much of a connection to the education and training you have spent years getting, you may apply for a new job that is more relevant to the training and past education.

Lower Salary or Wages

An employee may apply for another job, if the current job position does not pay well. After some research, you may discover that the current salary you are receiving is average. Based on the amount of working years and practical experience, you may be able to get a higher salary with another company.

Bad Work Environment

It may not be the job tasks or the salary that are the primary reasons for leaving a job. The work environment and colleagues may be a large reason why a particular job can seem miserable. If you enjoy the work challenges and are satisfied with the salary, but are irritated because of co-workers' behaviour or a personality conflict with your boss, you may start applying for another job.

New Challenges

While some workers enjoy doing the same tasks on a daily basis, others want new challenges and projects as often as possible. If you want more challenges and projects, but are stuck doing routine work, you may find yourself looking for a new job that offers new challenges and possibilities for progress and growth.


Relocation is another reason why an employee may start applying for another job. If the company wants to transfer you to another company office, or a relocation can be prompted by other scenarios such as family. If you are not comfortable with relocation, you may find yourself looking for a new job.

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