Reasons for leaving work early

The reasons employees leave work early are often legitimate, though other times people just look for an excuse to get out of the office early for the day. These reasons and excuses are numerous. Some are believable to bosses while others seem highly exaggerated.


One of the most common reasons employees leave work early is due to illness. The employee may have a headache, stomachache or some other type of ailment causing discomfort. Many times, the sick employee will make a doctor's appointment for the illness which tends to be viewed more favourably by the person's boss.


Many times people leave work early due to child-related reasons. The person may have a sick child at home or the person may get a call from the childcare provider needing the parent to pick the child up for some other reason.

Home Emergencies

A home emergency is also a reason many employees leave work early. A home emergency could include a phone call from a neighbour that a water pipe in the house broke, or that the employee's dog is loose. Another home emergency is a flooded basement due to a sump pump failure.

Family Emergencies

Family emergencies may occur and are legitimate reasons to leave work early in many cases. A family emergency includes a sudden death in the family or a phone call regarding a sick or injured relative. If an employee's sister or cousin was involved in a bad car accident and in the hospital, the employee may want to go immediately to the hospital to be with the person.

Other Reasons

During a snowstorm, an employee may leave work early for travel reasons. If the employee has an aeroplane to catch that evening and the weather is bad, the employee may request to leave early to have additional travel time. Another reason is that the person is expecting company from out of town and they are arriving earlier than scheduled.

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