How to find recent house sales in my area

Two groups track home sales regularly: county assessors and real estate agents. Among other things, assessors record who owns each taxable property in the county. Every home sale is reported to them. In addition, real estate agents compare your house with others recently sold in the same neighbourhood when they want to determine a competitive sale price for your property. To do so, she stays informed on all closings in the area. also hosts a website called Domania that allows you to search recent home sales within two miles of the address you type into a form.

Give the county assessor's office the date range for which you want information on home sales. If you have a specific house in mind, get the complete address of the property. Assessors can also search information if you have the name of the new owner. You may also do a quick Internet search before making the phone call or stopping by the office. Home sales records are public and many assessors now post the information on their websites.

Ask a real estate agent for the list of recently sold houses. Use this option only if you have a close relationship or have signed a contract with an agent for representation in a real estate transaction. Although the assessor is a county employee paid to provide information, the real estate agent hopes the help she provides will lead to a sales commission. If you're simply curious or running your own investment business, it wouldn't be appropriate to ask a real estate agent to do the research for you.

Go to and type in an address in the neighbourhood you're interested in researching. If all you need is the list of addresses of homes recently sold with sale date and price, this is a good option. However, if you'd like to know the physical details of each house (such as square footage and number of rooms) as well as financial information (sales history and taxes), contacting the county assessor's office is a better alternative.

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