Reception manager duties

A reception manager is typically associated with guest services in hotels and resorts, but a reception manager can be employed in a number of different fields. A reception manager may conduct reception duties at an office or corporation, at the front desk of a hospital or in a car dealership. A reception manager could be responsible for carrying out reception duties alone or as part of a team, and the role may also supervise other reception employees.

Greeting Guests

Regardless of which industry a reception manager is employed it, one common task of reception is to greet and receive guests. The reception manager is typically seated at the front desk of an office building or hotel and greets guests as they arrive in the building. The reception manager may ask guests to sign in according to the company's policies and the arrival of the guest will be announced to the appropriate party, if applicable. The reception manager will either direct the guest to the correct area of the building or ask the guest to take a seat and wait. The guest will often be provided with a beverage or other gesture of hospitality while they wait.

Answering Calls

Most reception managers are responsible for answering phone calls which come in to the reception desk. Some reception managers spend the bulk of their work day on the business of fielding incoming business calls while also greeting the building visitors upon arrival. The reception manager's day is spent answering calls, forwarding calls to the correct extensions and departments and taking personal messages as required. In some reception manager positions, the telephone calls come in to the reception desk only from internal calls placed by hotel guests or other members of staff within an office building.

Booking Appointments

A reception area is often designed to provide appointment booking requests to clients either in person or over the phone. A reception manager might be answering telephone requests to book an appointment at a hospital, dentist's office or spa. The position might also provide follow-up appointment bookings to clients as they check out of an institution which provides services. In some companies, the reception manager also provides concierge related services to hotel guests or to employees within a company and may schedule appointments and services upon request.

Administrative Tasks

Most reception managers will also conduct additional administrative tasks as needed. Additional tasks might include filing of paperwork, typing memos, processing mail, completing financial transactions as well as any other administrative work requested by supervisors and managers.

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