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How to renew my car tax online

Car taxes are different depending on which state you live in, and what kind of vehicle you drive. In many states, you can pay your tax online, and you can renew it online each year too. If your state allows you to renew your car tax online, it is easy to do.

Find the DMV site for your state. Some bigger states have different DMV sites for different counties, so be sure to check which site is where you should be. When in doubt, call your local DMV and ask where you pay your tax and whether you can do it online.

Go to the online site for the DMV as you have been instructed. Find “Car Tax”, “Pay My Tax”, “Pay Taxes” or “Register a Car”, and click on the link.

Enter your car’s registration number and the car’s ID number. The site will tell you whether your taxes have been paid or whether you need to do so. You can click “Renew” each year to renew your car taxes.