How to Renew Your Tax Disc Online

A British tax disc is a circular document, displayed on all road vehicles, to prove payment of the tax for use a public highway in the U.K. You may have experienced waiting in line at a post office to renew your disc. When you eventually get to the counter, you find you're missing a document, and you have to start over. It's good to know you can renew your tax disc online. The document checks are completed automatically. You car insurance is validated through the U.K.'s Motor Insurance Database. Your MOT (Ministry of Transport) test certificate is checked using the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency database. It's a simple process and can be done from work, home or anyplace where there's Internet access.

Renew your tax disc online in the U.K. using the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) website (see Resources). Have your renewal reminder nearby, which details the 16-digit reference number.

Click "Apply for a tax disc now." Check "Yes" in each of the seven boxes. If you have to check a box "No," then you are unable to renew your tax disc online and need to go to a post office in the U.K.

Click "Next" to continue renewing your tax disc. Enter your 16-digit reference number in the box carefully. Click "Next."

Check your vehicle details. The page will show your car registration number, the make, tax class and the date your new license starts.

Click "Next." Your car insurance and MOT certificate will be validated. The page will display "Confirmed." Click "Next." Choose to renew your tax disc for six or 12 months. Click "Next."

Enter you payment card details. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. There is a 2.50-pound charge for using a credit card. Enter you e-mail address (mandatory) and your cell phone number (not mandatory). Click "Next."

Review a summary of your tax disc application. Click "Next." Wait while your payment is authorised. The page will tell you your application is successful and your tax disc renewed. You will receive e-mail confirmation. Your tax disc will arrive by mail in five days.


The tax disc reminder notice is sent to the registered keeper's address. If you have recently moved and forgotten to advise the DVLA, you should take your documents to the post office. If you do not have a reminder with the 16-digit reference number, you can still renew a tax disc online. Enter your car registration number and U.K. Vehicle Document Reference Number (get this from the front of your Registration Certificate) on the same Web page where you are requested to enter your 16-digit number.


If you have recently purchased your car and have not received your full Registration Certificate from the DVLA, do not use the online service, as your tax disc may be sent to the previous owner.

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Things Needed

  • Tax disc renewal reminder
  • Credit or debit card

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