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How to rent a car at age 20

To rent a car at age 20 requires a credit card and paying additional fees. The surcharges will vary among car rental agencies. In some cases, you pay double the price of someone 25 years or older.

To avoid the surcharges, ask someone you trust who is 25 years or older to cosign the rental agreement. Contact each car rental to check on rental standards.

Select a car rental agency. There are plenty of options in every state. Major chains, like Hertz and Alamo dominate tourist spots. However, you can still find some small establishments that may be flexible with some of their requirements. For instance, you may find that renting a car at 20 is not difficult as long as you pay additional fees.

Provide your driver's license and contact information. The rental agency must be able to determine who you are before lending one of their cars. Tell them how long you intend to keep the car so the agency can set a price.

Have a co-signer ready to sign with you when you pick up the vehicle to avoid the daily surcharge for being underage. The co-signer must have a safe driving record and be at least 25 years old. A co-signer will also be held responsible for the vehicle and must provide information to the rental place. For example, a driver's license is necessary.

Complete payment to rent the car with a credit card. Typically, cash transactions are not permitted to reserve a vehicle. Therefore, you must have a credit card in your name at age 20 to rent a car.


  • If you are in a car accident, you could be entitled to a rental car at 20 without a co-signer. The car insurance will cover the costs associated. To confirm this, you should contact your insurance company.

Things Needed

  • 25-plus-year-old co-signer
  • Credit card
  • Driver's license