How to Rent a Car for Someone Else As a Gift

Each car rental company has its own policy concerning rentals. Most often renters need credit cards and must have their full driver's license. If you would like to rent a car for someone as a gift, there is a way to bypass some of these requirements. Pre-paid credit cards, gift cards and secondary card holder cards can help to ensure that the person you're making the reservation for is cruising down the highway and enjoying their gift.

Research the car rental companies in the area you are making the car rental reservation. Look for the best rates and packages available.

Call the car rental company and ask about their policies on prepaid rentals, credit card use and making reservations as a gift.

Make the reservation using the name, phone number and personal information of the person who will be driving the car.

Visit the car rental office personally before giving the reservation as a gift. It is best to use a national car rental company. This way if you are making a reservation for a city far away, you can still visit your local car rental office. For example, National Car Rental, Avis, or Hertz all have nationwide locations.

Purchase a gift card from the car rental office for the cost of your specific rental and verify this amount with the rental company.

Give the gift card to the person driving the car, along with the rental reservation documents and instruct them to use the gift card to pay for the rental.

Tell the driver to make sure they have a valid driver license when picking up the rental and a credit card. If they do not have a credit card, purchase a prepaid Visa or Master Card instead of the gift card.


Do your research. Often car rental companies have special rates for companies, teams and hundreds of organisations. Ask the rental company if they have any special discounts for any of the groups or companies you belong to. For example AAA, is a common group that offers discounts. If all else fails, and the person you are gifting absolutely needs a credit card, call your personal credit card company and add that person onto your account as a secondary card holder. Then, get the credit card company to expedite the card to your address so the new card holder can use it for the trip.


Double check that the person who you are making the reservation for has a valid, full driver's license. If they do not they will not be able to rent the car. Also, make sure you double check the dates of travel you wish to make the reservation for.

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Things Needed

  • Recipient's name
  • Credit Card
  • Driver's License
  • Gift Card

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