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How to Rent Out a Home Garage

Some homeowners have a garage on their property that they do not use. Many people look for garage space in order to house their valuables or a car.

You can also find potential tenants that want a garage apartment. You can rent out your home garage and make an easy income.

Contact your state's zoning commission. You'll want to make sure you can legally rent out your space without violating any zoning laws. This is especially important if you plan to rent out the garage space as an apartment.

Convert the garage into a rentable space. Use the information from the zoning commission to make any adjustments. For instance, if a tenant will live there, you'll need a window in the garage that a person can fit through in the case of fire. You'll also want to clean out any of your belongings.

Advertise your garage rental space. You can place an ad in your local newspaper or advertise through the "Storage & Garage Rentals" classifieds listed on Kaango (see Resources below). Give the features of the space and the rental price you're looking to receive.

Draw up a garage rental agreement. You can use this document to outline the essential points of your rental arrangement. You can find templates for this document on the Landlord Protection Agency website (see Resources below).


  • You'll have to draw up a more detailed rental agreement if you plan to rent out the garage as a small apartment. You'll need to include information about facility use and rules of the house.