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How to report uninsured cars

If you recently had an accident with a person whose vehicle was uninsured, the police who came to the scene of the accident may have ticketed the uninsured driver if your state requires all drivers to have auto insurance. States differ in insurance requirements. If you know of someone who is currently driving without insurance in a state that requires auto insurance, you can call your state's licensing department to report him.

Gather as much information as possible about the uninsured driver. Have her number plate number, address and name, if possible. The motor vehicle department can identify a driver by plates issued and not returned when insurance lapses.

Call your state motor vehicle department. If you do not have the phone number, go to the state's website to locate it. Some states use separate departments that handle uninsured drivers, but your motor vehicle department can provide you with the correct contact information, according to the Car Insurance website.

Call and use the prompts to transfer to the licensing department. Once connected, explain that you want to report an uninsured driver and provide the representative with all of the information you have.