The responsibilities of a construction estimator

Main job responsibilities of a construction estimator include reviewing preliminary drawings and specifications while visiting the site before the project begins. Also known as cost estimators, construction estimators have other job duties that entail analysing how long it will take for the project to be completed and checking on how much money each contractor will need to finish the job.

Estimates the Final Cost of Project

While collecting specific types of data by visiting a construction site and going over the cost of materials, electricity costs and special machinery costs, the construction estimator will begin to create a final budget. He also takes into consideration computer hardware and software that must be purchased to complete the project. When all these costs are accounted for, the estimator will present the figure to the project's contractor.

Tracks Budget Expenses

Depending on the type of estimating work that must be completed, the construction estimator must assume the responsibility of tracking the actual costs of a project to keep the budget down. As the project begins and work progresses, the construction estimator will help to negotiate and settle costs associated with outside vendors as well.

Figures Size of Work Crew

Before and sometimes during a major project, the construction estimator will analyse how many work crew members will be required to finish the project within a specified time frame. While viewing blueprints and drawings, the construction estimator will also decide whether special equipment will be needed and will figure those estimates into the final budget.

Communicates with Project Manager

As the project progresses, the construction estimator will notify the project manager of any budgetary and technical concerns she has. The construction estimator will help solve these problems with the manager's input.

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