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How to get rid of nesting pigeons

Pigeons are considered nuisance birds as they commonly build nests in unwanted and unsafe areas.

According to the Chicago State University, pigeon nests consist of sticks, twigs and grasses clumped together and can be found in lofts, steeples, attics, caves, and ornate architectural features of buildings where openings allow for roosting, loafing, and nest building. Rid nesting pigeons from your property with the use of a live trap.

Set the live trap near the pigeon's nesting, roosting or feeding site and place corn in and around the trap as bait. Pigeons are attracted to and enjoy consuming corn. You can purchase live traps at hardware and pet stores or borrow one from your local humane society or animal shelter.

Check the live trap on a daily basis. According to United Wildlife Control, nesting pigeons are most active during the day when feeding, so check the trap during that specific time frame.

Dispose of the captured pigeon(s) humanely. Take the pigeon to your local humane society or veterinarian to be euthanized or disposed of properly. According to the Chicago State University, you can use inhalant agents, non-inhalant pharmacological agents or physical methods to dispose of trapped birds humanely.

Seal all holes or openings on your home to prevent pigeons from nesting on your property. The Texas A&M University Extension recommends using a 1/4-inch screen or net mesh to keep nuisance birds from the exterior perimeter of your building or property. You can purchase screens or net mesh from hardware stores.

Attach bird spikes to all window and roof ledges to repel pigeons from your property. Bird spikes consist of needle like rods and prevent birds from roosting or nesting on your property.

Remove all food and water sources from your property. Pigeons will not stay in an environment if food and water is not readily available or accessible. Empty all standing water sources, such as bird baths, and remove all fruit bearing trees or bird seed from your property.


Reuse or replace the live trap near the pigeon's nesting site and rebait it until all nuisance birds are permanently removed from your property.


It may take a couple of days before you successfully catch a pigeon in the live trap, so practice patience. You may have to pay a small fee to borrow a live trap from your local humane society or animal shelter.

Things Needed

  • Live trap
  • Corn
  • Screen/net mesh
  • Bird spikes