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Role of a business administrator

A business administrator presides over the daily operations of an organisation. The founder of a business can function as the administrator or another person can be hired to oversee the business operations. A business administrator might work in a variety of settings including a small business, non-profit organisation, government agency or an educational institution. Formal education in business administration will cover a wide variety of business topics including accounting, economics, marketing, finance, human resources and management.


A business administrator's job is to oversee all functions related to managing a business. Managerial functions include planning, controlling, organising, staffing and directing the operations of the business. Assuring that the business reaches its financial goals is a major function of the business administrator.


A business administrator is normally the overall general manager of the business. She works closely with people in managerial roles in all other departments inside the business, including legal, finance, human resources, accounting, marketing and operations. Sometimes a business administrator will connect with professionals outside of the business as well.


The business administrator keeps records on the operations of the business, prepares reports to share with other managerial staff and assures that the business is in compliance with all of the rules and regulations of its industry.


It is common for the business administrator to recognise new opportunities for the business and to secure the resources to help the business secure these new opportunities. He may even represent the business in professional settings or participate in networking events in the community to promote good will and to build the business.


It is possible to work in a business administration position without obtaining a college degree by working your way up in the company ranks through experience. However a degree in business administration will expose a person to information on all aspects of operating a business. Study in the topics of accounting, economics, marketing, finance, human resources and operations creates familiarity with how these departments function within a business. So gaining a degree in business adminstration can help the business administrator to succeed by learning how to understand the complexities of operating a business.

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