Roles & duties of a marketing officer

A marketing officer holds a critical role in any organisation. He or she serves in sales management, public relations, advertising, communications, promotions, product development, distribution, market research, pricing and customer service.

Market Research, Product Development and Pricing

The highly analytical aspects of market research and pricing are two areas that a marketing officer regularly deals with before, during, and after the product development phase.

Sales Management and Distribution

The marketing officer must learn key concepts and practical ideas in order to deploy sales management strategies for distribution of products and services.

Advertising, Communications and Promotions

A marketing officer is also involved in creative aspects, including advertising and promotions.

Public Relations and Customer Service

Public relations and customer service are important aspects of the sales process for any company. Marketing officers can be directly responsible for supervising public relations activities and directing publicity programs. They are also involved in general public satisfaction and crisis management.

Supervision of Subordinates

Along with fulfilling a diverse number of specialised responsibilities, a marketing officer must also supervise subordinates.

Related Responsibilities

Marketing officers deal with many resources that are beyond their speciality. Outside marketing areas such as production, technology, legal and finance can all have direct impacts on marketing objectives. This creates the need to influence peers to achieve goals, more than any other executive in most businesses.

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