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Room rental agreements

A room rental agreement is a lease contract between a landlord and a tenant. Renting a room is more limited than renting an apartment or a house, since a room often indicates that the tenant will be sharing other accommodations with the landlord or other renters. This can include sharing bathroom, kitchen and living room space. A room rental agreement is quite similar to any other property rental agreement, except for the descriptions and details of the space.

Property Description

The room rental agreement must indicate that it is a room being rented out to the tenant. It should specify the premises to rule out any misunderstandings in terms of apartment, housing or other rental property types. A basement is considered a room, so if the basement is being rented out, the agreement should state the premises as a room. The room rental agreement should also mention what state the room is located in. This is necessary due to the legal jurisdictions and rental laws that apply to each state or county.

Parties Information

The agreement should also list the personal information about the landlord and the room tenant. The contact information and current address of both parties should be listed as one of the first sections of the rental agreement. This is to indicate who is part of the rental agreement and provide contact information for each party should it be required at a later date.

Lease Period, Rental Feed and Specifications

A common lease usually lasts a single year or operates on a month-to-month basis. The lease period should be clearly explained along with the lease options after one year of occupancy. The monthly rental fee along with down-payments or security deposits should also be addressed. The property specifications should also be included, such as smoking possibilities and included parking spaces if applicable. Although the room may not be furnished, the rest of the house may be. Rules and treatment of the furniture will be discussed in the agreement as well.

Property Tax and Insurances

Some rental properties require the tenant to pay property taxes. This may be done by the landlord, but could be placed on the tenant. The tenant should be made aware of any property taxes or property insurance she must obtain before moving into the room.


Since the property may be shared with the landlord or with other renters, the agreement should indicate whether the tenant is responsible for maintaining the premises. Even though the tenant is only renting the room, she may be responsible for helping out with the property chores, such as shovel ling snow in the winter time and mowing the lawn in the summer. The final part of the lease agreement is the required signatures to legalise the contract.