Section 24 of the Landlord & Tenant Act

Section 24 of the Landlord and Tenants Act of 1954 describes laws regarding the continuation and renewal of tenancies between landlords and tenants in the United Kingdom. The current Section 24 comes from amendments made by the Law of Property Act in 1969.

Automatic Tenancy Rollover

Tenancies automatically continue even after their initial contracts unless expressly terminated by the tenant, landlord or by a court ruling or other legal remediation.

Limitations In Leasehold Situations

Tenancy termination notices from landlords cannot occur in leasehold, or "occupation in the right of tenancy" situations a month after the tenancy begins.

Limitations in "Years Certain" Situations

When tenancy agreements are amended, landlords must wait between three and six months to terminate them if they are for a specific time period, also known as "years certain". This does not apply to at-will tenancies.

Interim Rents After Tenancies Expire

Landlords can ask the courts to modify rents on an interim basis after tenancies automatically renew without initiating new tenancy agreements.

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