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How to Send an Email Money Transfer

Many people can remember standing in long lines as they waited for needed funds to arrive through a money transfer. People do not need to rely on banks, post offices and wire services to transfer money anymore.

Although many people still prefer to transfer money through the services of these institutions, others find e-mail money transfers provide the needed service in a short time. In addition, individuals who transfer money through e-mail transfers appreciate the ability to conduct the entire transaction from the comfort of their own home.

Open a PayPal account. Submit personal and contact information and verify the agreement with PayPal by signing the terms of agreement. Insert the verification code into the verification field. Supply the credit or debit card or bank account that the PayPal funds will pay into.

Open the personal page and click on the "Send Money" tab.

Type the e-mail address and amount of money for transfer into the relevant fields. Choose the payment type, whether for online purchases of goods or services or for a personal service or personal payment. Click "Continue".

Review the information and, if correct, click "Send Money". PayPal will contact the intended recipient to ascertain into what bank account or credit card account he would like the money to transfer. The sender will receive a confirmation of the money transfer.

Open a NetTeller account. Provide NetTeller with personal and contact information. Complete the security clearance and sign the agreement of user service with NetTeller. Open the NetTeller Money Transfer page.

Enter the e-mail address, currency type and amount of money for transfer.

Click "Send". The sender and the receiver will both receive e-mail confirmations of the money transfer. The receiver will direct NetTeller where she wants the money deposited (into a credit card account or bank account).

Sign up with IKobo. Provide contact and personal details. Sign IKobo's terms of use and verify the account. Provide IKobo the e-mail address and amount of money that the sender wishes to transfer.

Alert the recipient that the money transfer will take place through iKobo's reloadable Visa Prepaid Card. IKobo will send the card to the recipient.

Inform the recipient that iKobo's card will withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide. The iKobo card will also allow the recipient to pay for purchases or services anywhere that accepts Visa. Each time the sender effects a money transfer, IKobo reloads the card.