How to set up a chauffeur business

Chauffeur businesses provide a way for clients to get from one place to another in a high-end vehicle such as a limousine. Many chauffeurs offer additional services to their clients to ensure they are fully satisfied, such as holding the door open as they exit the vehicle and handling luggage. If you enjoy providing a useful service, don't mind working with prestigious individuals and understand how to put others' interests above your own, setting up a chauffeur business could be a wise move.

Apply for a public service vehicle licence. Any driver who charges a fare requires this licence to run a business. You may also need a taxi licence from your local council.

Buy a suitable vehicle, such as a limousine or luxury car to transport your clients. Have your vehicle inspected regularly, keep the inside and outside spotless, and buy a vehicle which comes fully equipped with special features including a TV and DVR, stereo system and climate control. Consider buying a used limousine, as long as it is in pristine condition, to save on costs.

Find a place to park your vehicle. Look for a garage or secure lock-up which is safe, near your home and low in price. Ask if there are any discounts available if you choose to pay for three months in advance, or park multiple cars at the same location. Let them know you may be parking additional vehicles at the garage in the future if you are happy with their service. Start small and continue adding cars to your business as your company grows.

Obtain insurance. Find an insurance provider which offers liability coverage for your commercial vehicle. Search the Internet for insurance companies that insure chauffeur businesses and select a provider which offers reasonable prices and excellent coverage.

Market your company. Create a website that lists your services and rates. Price your service lower than the rates of your competition to find clients quickly. Place flyers at various shops in your area to attract customers.

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