Small business ideas for teenagers

Industrious teens may crave putting their entrepreneurial skills to work. Starting a small business gives a teen the ability to be her own boss, opportunity for creativity and a sense of accomplishment, in addition to making some money. When looking for small business ideas for teenagers, consider the individual teen's interests, hobbies, previous work experience, time commitments, start-up costs and marketability of the idea.

Cake Decorating

Almost everyone loves cake. Cakes symbolise celebration for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. For the teen that loves to bake, baking and selling cakes may lead to a business endeavour. Starting by baking cakes in her kitchen and icing them with unique and creative designs, she can sell cakes to family and friends. Taking a cake decorating class and seeking customers needing birthday or wedding cakes are the next steps. Asking local restaurants to sell her cakes may lead to profits and exposure.

Pet Sitting Business

Teenagers get home from school midafternoon, about the same time a dog needs walking. Pet owners who work all day may hire a pet sitter to give their pets a midday walk, fresh water and some playtime. With no or low start-up costs, this is an ideal business for a teenager. Starting in his own neighbourhood, the teen can post flyers and go door-to-door introducing his business venture to neighbours. Though licensing and insurance may be required, these costs are minimal. Pet owners will take comfort in hiring a teen living in the neighbourhood who knows the streets.

Website Design

Teens often take classes on website design in high school. With this skill, teens can offer to create website for small businesses and individuals at a deeply discounted rate. Requiring no start-up fees other than the cost of making up flyers, this business is cheap and easy to start for a teen. Teens often have the latest knowledge of technical products, design and programming and can be a good source of ongoing technical support for their web design customers.

Jewellery Design

A visit to a crafts store finds aisles of beads, jewels, wire and other tools for making jewellery. Teens can make their own bracelets, necklaces and earrings with these materials. By wearing the jewellery that she created herself and making pieces for her friends, she can get her designs noticed. As momentum grows, she can participate as a vendor in local craft fairs, festivals and fundraisers, setting up a table to sell her jewellery.

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