Special Constable interview tips

Special Constables are commonly known as "Specials." These law enforcement professionals offer services to work with uniformed police officers with the goal of keeping the community safe. If you are interested in volunteering to be a special, you will have the ability to arrange your constable schedule so you can work a regular job as well. If hired to be a special, you will have to undergo an extensive application, interview and training process. After successfully completing the application process, you will be invited to participate in an applicant screening interview. For the best chances of being selected, you must properly prepare for the interview.


Do your homework. Learn all you can about the role of a special constable. Review the work experience that was detailed on your application just in case the interviewer asks related questions. Be prepared to support your past professional accomplishments with detailed information as well.

Role play

Once you have completed your research on what the job of a Special entails, grab a friend and role play. Make sure your friend has a copy of your resume and a short description of the job duties of a special. When practicing for the interview, work to present concise answers to questions. If there are any questions that stump you, write the question down and work on an answer prior to the interview.

Maintain eye contact

The interviewer will be looking for personality traits that could identify your potential to be an effective constable. Maintaining eye contact with the interviewer will exhibit confidence and honesty. If you tend to become nervous when interviewed, practicing in front of a mirror may help you feel more confident and help you maintain reasonable eye contact during the interview.


Be sensitive to the style and manner of the interviewer; you may have to adapt to meet the interview style. If the person interviewing you is relaxed and casual, do your best to mirror her style while maintaining professionalism.

Highlight relevant experience

During the interview, do your best to highlight all relevant experience. If you have experience in law enforcement, do your best to highlight that experience. Although the job of a constable is not physically intense, you will need to be able to walk for long periods of time. Let the interviewer know you will be able to meet any physical challenges that may come up while on duty.

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