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Standard Subcontract Agreements

A subcontract agreement presents the agreed terms and conditions between a company and a subcontractor. A subcontractor is a worker who is hired by the company to complete or assist in completing a job or assignment. A standard subcontract agreement is a detailed contract that is designed to protect both the subcontractor and the company.

Subcontractor Training

The subcontractor agreement explains any safety or office training the contractor must complete to gain the contracting job. This can include safety training on a job site or learning office procedures in the company's head office. The training procedures and requirements will depend on the subcontractor's role in the company and the company's standards and training procedures.

Background Check

The subcontractor may be subject to a background check by the company. This is done to protect the company. The background check is mentioned in the contract as either an agreement to complete a background check or as a confirmation that a background check has been completed. A background check can include a drug screening, a copy of the subcontractor's criminal history and an employment screening. A driving record may also be required depending on the subcontracting job in question.

Roles and Responsibilities

The subcontractor is hired by a company to complete a project or assignment. This project can include smaller tasks. For instance, a subcontractor working on a job site may be hired with managerial organisation in mind, but the task may include talking to employees, creating new construction plans and creating an effective management procedure. The roles and responsibilities are outlined in the agreement, so both the company and the subcontractor know what it is expected.

Contract Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the subcontract agreement are included as well. This focuses on the steps required to break the agreement, alter the responsibilities and expected payments for the project or task in question and how often the subcontractor must update the employer.

Time Frame and Payments

A subcontractor is hired for a project with a given time frame in mind for the project. This can be anywhere from a few days of work to months of project planning and completion. The time frame is outlined in the subcontractor agreement so the worker knows how long he is binding himself and his services to the company. A payment schedule or salary also should be presented in the agreement that reflects the work requested by the company.