How to Start a Babysitting Business for Teens

Teens who live in neighbourhoods with lots of small children will quickly find that babysitters are in high demand. Children as young as 12 years old can legally begin babysitting in most states, and the flexible hours of a babysitting job typically fit well into any teen's schedule. Starting a babysitting business teaches teens about managing finances, marketing and providing quality services.

Talk with your parents about your desire to start a babysitting business. Make sure they are OK with you babysitting and discuss any limitations they may have, such as how late you are allowed to be at a babysitting job. Also see if they are willing to provide transportation to and from jobs or if the parents of the children will need to transport you.

Take a babysitting class. Even if you have some experience with children, parents will be much more likely to hire you as a babysitter if you have completed a course on how to care for children and handle any emergency situations that may arise.

Gather the names and phone numbers of a few people who can be references for your babysitting skills. Make sure they do not mind being called by potential clients. If you have never done any babysitting before, try to find a family that will let you help take care of their children while they are home so you can gain some experience. Then ask the parents if you can use them as a reference.

Talk to other teens in your area who babysit to find out what the average rate of pay is. You will want to set your rate so it is similar to what other babysitters charge. Consider charging more for jobs when you will be taking care of more than one child.

Make flyers that describe your babysitting qualifications. Include your name, phone number, any certifications you have, how long you have been babysitting, and the ages of children you are interested in caring for. You also may want to include on the flyer the general times when you are available, such as weekday evenings, weekend days or weekend evenings.

Post your babysitting flyers in places where parents will see them. Some options are community centres, swimming pools and churches. Always ask an employee before posting a flyer anywhere. You can also distribute flyers to families you know who have children and ask them to give the flyers to other parents who might be interested in hiring you.


After you have started your babysitting business, ask the families you work for regularly if they will give your name and phone number to other families they know who are looking for a babysitter.

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