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Supervisory skills definition

Key to being a good supervisor is developing good supervisory skills. A good supervisor builds positive working relationships among employees. Cultivating good supervisory skills will foster an atmosphere of trust and respect in the workplace.

Treating Workers With Dignity

A key supervisory skill is the ability to treat those being supervised with dignity and respect. When employees feel valued they are more productive and are more committed to getting the work done.

Performing Evaluations

Good supervisors are adept at evaluating their employees. They highlight strengths and point out weaknesses in a non-demeaning way. They also give employees routine feedback which allows them to know where they stand with regards to job performance.

Delegating JobTasks

Good supervisory skills include the ability to delegate tasks appropriately. A good supervisor knows how to delegate job duties in a way that achieves maximum performance and highlights employee strengths rather than weaknesses.

Training Employees

Another important supervisory skill is the ability to be a good teacher. Employees must be trained well to do their job effectively. Key to having good supervisory skills is either conducting or facilitating employee training as required.

Resolving Conflict

Supervisory skills involve good conflict resolution ability. A person with good supervisory skills resolves employee disputes well and is capable of interacting with and being understanding of diverse employee populations.

Interviewing Candidates

A person with good supervisory skills will apply them in the interview process. They will choose candidates who are well qualified and who will mesh well with the organisation.