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Team Assistant Job Description

According to the business website, most organisations are divided into smaller teams and departments. Each team or subsection is governed by a team leader, or manager, who carries the burden of the team's performance.

According to the employment site, a team assistant acts in an administrative role, assisting the team leader with daily tasks that include planning and communication between the team and upper management. Although a portion of the job requires administrative duties, the majority is spent dealing with people, meeting needs and resolving conflict.

Support Role

According to, a team assistant plays a vital role of support to the project leader. Her main role is to ensure proper administration of the team by upholding the standards, objectives and goals of the leader. The team assistant role can include taking care of future planning, maintaining systems and handling communication within the company and with business relationships outside the organisation.


The team assistant is responsible to communicate in professional and effective manner with employees, management and customers.

This position is responsible for all communication for the team leader via the phone, e-mail or mail. According to, he will transcribe meetings held by the team leader. The team assistant needs to possess excellent verbal, nonverbal, business, interpersonal and organizational communication skills.


According to, a team assistant is responsible for the planning and scheduling of meetings with team members and others. She ensures that the details of every project are taken care of. For example, if a letter needs to get to a client in another state by tomorrow, the team assistant is the person responsible for hiring the company to deliver it. The team assistant oversees the maintenance of office supplies, computers and other items owned by the company.

Customer Service

A team assistant is required to have strong customer service abilities because he is the person dealing directly with customers. The assistant can consult with the team leader for advice and directives but the assistant is the person most likely to have the interpersonal interaction.


According to, the skills required for a team assistant include strong organizational and communication abilities, team building and effective conflict resolution and decision-making.

The team assistant should also be a proven team player who knows how to motivate and raise morale. These skills are utilised on a daily basis and are part of the framework of the position.