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Telesales manager job description

Telesales, also known as telemarketing, sold £65.2 billion in goods and services during 2002, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Many of these sales were generated by representatives making calls from call centres under the direction of a telesales or call centre manager. Telesales managers, although varying in responsibilities, experience and background, like other managers, commonly need good leadership and communication skills as well as other abilities.

Call Centers

Telesales managers typically run call centres which are spaces housing telemarketers making or receiving telephone calls, usually with the assistance of computer automation. Call centres handle large volumes of simultaneous calls, screening them, logging them and forwarding them to an appropriate company representative. Many large organisations such as mail-order catalogues, telemarketing companies and others operate call centres and need the services of telesales managers.


A telesales manager's objectives include good customer service, sales goals and profitability.

Achieving these goals requires a diverse set of activities such as overseeing the employees, managing the operation and ensuring effective handling of the calls. During a typical day, a manager may deal with a variety of problems, such as employee issues, customer complaints, and technical difficulties. The manager may also need to monitor some calls for quality assurance.


Telemarketing call centres tend to create high-volume, fast-paced operations. This work environment may create pressure and stress for the manager.

However, using good communication and problem-solving skills can reduce the negative effects and help keep the job manageable. Also, because telesales focus on positive customer experiences, managers must maintain in themselves and instil in their employees traits that convey positive energy and helpful attitudes.


Telesales management encompasses a wide variety of industries and settings, such as the customer service division of a large corporation or a direct sales telemarketing firm. The firm may be conducting surveys, offering free information or selling goods and services. Consequently, requirements for call centre or telemarketing managers vary a great deal from firm to firm. However, experience and education in marketing, business, customer service and computer technology provide skill sets often used in telesales management.


The federal government does not list average salaries for telesales managers. However, indicates that most call centre management jobs pay from £19,500 to £58,500 with some exceeding £71,500 annually.