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Top 10 job searching sites

Looking for a job can be a frustrating task but can be made easier by using job searching websites. Before looking for jobs on job searching websites, research what job websites to use and which job websites are reliable and reputable. There are several job searching websites that have appeared on the Top 10 to Top 100 lists of several websites. Finding this information will save time so you can search on websites you know you can trust.


Monster.com is a worldwide job search website that enables you to search for international jobs. You post your resume on monster.com for employers to find you. Monster also offers various resources providing tips and suggestions on resumes, cover letters, interviews and successfully finding a job. According to Quint Careers, Monster.com is "one of the oldest job sites on the Web, with several hundred thousand jobs worldwide." Monster.com is free.


Indeed.com is a collaborative job search website that incorporates several other job search websites and newspaper postings. According to Quint Careers, indeed.com posts jobs from more than 500 different job search websites and more than 200 newspapers as well as personal company websites. According to PC Mag, the best feature of indeed.com is that it is simple to use. Indeed.com is free.


Careerbuilder.com enables you to create an advanced search that includes the ability to search by field or industry. You post a resume on the site for employers to find when searching for potential employees. You also receive e-mails when jobs in your field have been posted. According to PC Mag, careerbuilder.com has been around since 1995 and has more than 23 million visitors a month. This website is free.


Simplyhired.com sends you e-mail updates regarding jobs in your location. This job search website compiles postings from other job search websites and newspapers. Simplyhired.com allows users to post resumes not only on its site but other job search websites as well. This website is free.


Usa.gov is a government job search website that lists only jobs posted by the United States government. Salary rates are listed on the job post. This is an official government website. This website is free.


Collegerecruiter.com is a job search website that lists only entry-level positions for recent college graduates. The job postings are nationwide. This is a free website.


Snagajob.com is unique in that it lists only hourly full-time and part-time jobs. If you are tired of paging through lists of degree-required jobs, then this site is for you. This site is free.

Yahoo! Hot Jobs

Yahoo.com's job search engine is popular and used often. This website allows you to post a resume and tells you how often your resume has been viewed.


Hound.com shows only postings listed on company websites, which diminishes chances of looking at duplicate postings.


Jobster.com is very similar to the other job searching websites but makes it to the Top 10 list because of its large number of job postings and 24 job category choices.

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