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Top paying easy jobs

It is a widely held dream to find a well-paid job that is also easy. For the most part, this is wishful thinking. However, there are jobs that pay well and are quite enjoyable, which can make performing the work much easier. In many instances, these jobs require talent, training, physical gifts or a combination of all three. For those individuals who have the proper attributes or background, along with a bit of luck, these jobs are entirely attainable.

Jobs That Require Talent

Many people dream of writing the Great American Novel or blockbuster nonfiction book. Best-selling book writers can make millions of dollars. Screenwriters for movies and television can also make very high salaries, as can entertainers, especially singers and actors. Television and radio announcers can also earn very lucrative salaries. The work involved with these careers can be quite rewarding and even fun, which can make the effort seem easy. Successful figures in these fields almost always possess some innate talent. In addition, it is often necessary to work or train for years to develop talent to a level that makes it possible to compete with others aspiring to the same careers.

Jobs With Specific Physical Requirements

Athletes, dancers and models can earn very lucrative salaries. The work is often glamorous and enjoyable in addition to being well-paid. Professional athletes must have some level of physical prowess. For example, runners always have strong legs, football players have overall body strength as well as quickness and speed. Basketball players require good eye-hand coordination and a taller-than-average physique. Dancers are required to be flexible, graceful and thinner than average, especially female dancers. Models are also very fit and often quite thin and much taller than average. While it is possible to achieve success in these fields without fitting the physical requirements, it is not very likely.

Jobs That Require Training or Education

Some high-paid jobs that are enjoyable require extensive training or education before it is possible to be hired. Airplane pilots are highly paid, but also highly skilled. Many musicians complete rigorous training in college or in specialised academies before entering the field. Culinary artists, such as chefs and sommeliers, can make excellent salaries, but the training for those fields is demanding. Personal trainers, hairstylists, make-up artists and personal assistants can also make high salaries once they achieve a certain level in their careers. They may obtain training before entering the field, but certainly must work a number of years in the field before hoping to earn high salaries. Editors can also earn good salaries, but it is almost always required that they work up through the ranks and entry-level publishing jobs are very low-paid. In many cases, interns are required to work without pay to gain experience.

How To Obtain Top Paying Easy Jobs

A certain amount of luck is always required to obtain a good job. This is especially the case with glamour jobs such as those described here. Having good contacts and networking is the key to finding these positions, as they are almost never advertised in newspaper advertisements or online job boards. In many cases, it is necessary to begin at a low level and work up the career ladder. Many aspiring actors work as waiters or in similar jobs while waiting for their big break. Writers often have "day jobs" as well.


Many people aspire to make a living from "power selling" on sites such as eBay. While it is possible to make a living from doing so, it requires diligent effort to find the right merchandise and sell enough to make a profit. Late-night "infomercials" often feature various pitches for real estate, stock trading and related programs that promise vast wealth for minimal effort. As with "power selling," it is possible to make a lucrative salary from these programs. However, the effort required is almost always much more demanding than the infomercials imply. Most quick-money programs are outright scams. The adage, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," definitely applies in such cases.