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The Top Ten Highest-Grossing Industries

The job market may seem scarce, but certain industries are still booming. The highest-grossing industries include the medical, computer technology and engineering sectors. Though each category varies in terms of jobs and properties, one thing stays the same: college education. Each of these highest-grossing industries and their jobs require some form of college degree or specialised training to work within that industry.


The medical world is the highest-grossing industry (as of June 2011). The average salary of a medical professional is more than £130,000 a year, but the training to reach that median takes from 10 to 15 years. According to Lewis University, the highest-paid individuals within the medical industry are surgeons, especially surgeons that specialise in particular areas, such as neurosurgery or cardiovascular surgery.

Information Technology

Information technology is a broad industry that includes network data and systems, database administration, networking and computers and computer software engineering. Jobs in this industry may start lower on the pay scale at first, but this industry has an expected growth rate of 27 per cent to 53 per cent each year, depending on the job, according to CNN Living.


Just like the medical industry, the dental industry is consistently a higher grossing industry, specifically because of demand. The average dentist needs about eight years of schooling before reaching the median salary of £94,250 a year, according to Lewis University. Dentists that enter into private practice and specialise in orthodontics, paediatrics and surgery gross a higher salary than general practice dentists.


Psychiatry is a field that requires a medical degree and specialised training to start treating patients. The average training ranges from 10 to 14 years, depending on the speciality. In 2011, the average salary for a psychiatrist was from £108,550 to £116,350. This industry grosses a high amount annually because psychiatrists can set their own hourly rate based on expertise, training and preference. The average psychiatrist earns about £52 per hour and the industry has more than 22,000 employees, according to HuffPost Business.


The law industry grosses more than £65,000 annually per individual, on average. Lawyers in this category can specialise in areas, such as civil, criminal and personal injury cases. This industry employs not only lawyers, but also judges, law clerks, paralegals, investigators and special agents.


The service industry is another broad category that encompasses jobs, such as home health aides, skin care professionals, make-up artists and hair stylists. The average starting salary ranges from £12,350 to £19,500 a year, but this industry is constantly growing and has an expected growth rate of up to 49 per cent by 2016, according to CNN Living.

Financial and Business

A variety of companies require business and financial operations, but the job is the same -- financial planning and analysis. Some common jobs found within the financial and business industry are analysts, financial planners, management analysts, convention planners and cost estimators. This industry has an expected growth rate of up to 41 per cent by 2016, according to CNN Living.


Educators may have low salaries, but the education industry is one of the highest grossing industries. Jobs within this industry include school teachers, education specialists, professors, tutors and enrichment instructors. The highest-paying jobs within this industry require a bachelor's degree, master's degree or other specialised training.


The sales industry encompasses everything from cars to boats to insurance sales. The highest-grossing sales jobs are securities and commodities, while the lowest paying are product promoters. According to, sales managers, can gross more than £65,000 per year, depending on the industry.

Science and Technology

Research and technology is a high-grossing industry, especially when it comes to energy efficiency or finding new fuel sources. The highest-paid careers include physicists, petroleum engineers and nuclear engineers, which all gross more than £65,000 per year.