How to track Western Union money orders

A Western Union money order is easy to track if you have the proper information. However, if this information has been misplaced, tracking your money transfer will be difficult, if not impossible. Western Union takes measures to prevent the money of its customers from being lost to theft. Thus, unless you keep track of essential information, your money order may be rendered untouchable.

Contact Western Union's customer service centre or visit the Western Union website (see Resources).

Familiarise yourself with the three levels of status of an active Western Union money transfer. When tracking an order online, the status of your transaction can be found at the top of your screen. You will receive one of three status updates: the money has been sent; the money is ready for pick up; or the money has been picked up. Both senders and receivers may track the same order online.

Return to the order's point of origin if you have lost your original receipt. If the seller remembers you, perhaps he will supply you with original records related to the money order. This information will allow you to trace your order and cancel it if necessary.

Pay to file a tracking form if you lack a receipt and know only the dollar amount and serial number of your money order. You also will need to mail a notarised affidavit form to Western Union's offices and may have to wait 30 days to learn whether your request has been granted.


Regularly check the status of your Western Union money orders. While you're not likely to encounter problems with your transfers, you will know what to do if a transaction goes awry.


Avoid being the victim of Western Union money scams, and never give your money order's MTCN number to someone you don't know or trust.

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Things Needed

  • Money transfer control number (MTCN)
  • First and last name of sender
  • Tracing/refund request form (optional)
  • Notarised affidavit form (optional)

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