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What Are Some Trust-Building Activities for Couples?

According to author and motivational speaker Stephen Covey, the concept of trust in a relationship is like a bank. There is an account with a certain amount of trust from one person to another. If one of them violates the trust (makes a withdrawal) he must gain that trust back (make a deposit). Trust must be gained slowly but surely, and these activities are based on concepts that can help make a deposit in your relationship trust bank.

Trust Fall

This traditional trust-building exercise has been used for couples, workplace teams and other organisations to improve interpersonal relationships. The activity is simple as one partner stands behind the other and the partner in front slowly falls back into the arms of her partner. This motion proves that the back partner will be there if he is needed in any situation. The front partner feels taken care of by letting all her weight go into the arms of her partner. The Wilderdom website suggests that the first few falls be more of a lean than a straight fall to get the partners used to the exercise.

Mirror Conversation

Couples tend to get in trouble when they accuse each other of things with "you" statements. For example, when one partner says, "I think you should pay attention more," the other partner might say back, "but you don't pay attention." Instead, partners can use the mirror conversation technique. When one partner asks the other to do something, the other partner rephrases what has just been said to ensure that it was understood. For example, the partner might respond "Let me make sure I understand what you said, it sounds to me that you want me to..." This method proves that the second partner has listened and it removes possible communication errors.

Compliment Game

A relationship can sometimes become too critical. Criticism can wear down the trust in a relationship if it is used too often. This activity involves both partners taking turns saying good things about each other. If you play the game long enough, you will move past looks and basic personality traits to compliment little things that the two of you do. The game can help a couple remember that they love and appreciate each other.

Look into My Eyes

There are many distractions in a relationship that can cause partners not to focus on one another. In this activity, the two partners join hands and look into each other's eyes for a minute at a time. The two can talk or be instructed not to talk and just look. This simple action can help the couple to focus and to remember how important they are to one another.