UK Nursery Teacher Salary Range

A nursery teacher in the United Kingdom is a qualified teacher responsible for a class of 3- to 5-year olds. These teachers work with teaching assistants and other helpers to educate children at a basic level and develop children across various areas of learning, including numeracy, literacy and emotional development. If you become a nursery teacher, you'll find that your salary varies depending upon the area of the United Kingdom in which you work and the responsibility you have in your school.

England and Wales: General Pay

As of September 2009, the basic salary for a UK nursery teacher is between £21,102 and £31,855 per annum. Newly qualified nursery teachers begin on this scale, which is known as the main salary scale, progressing upward as they gain experience. Note that this salary range is applicable for England and Wales; Scottish teachers begin on a slightly different salary scale.


In the London area of England, teachers will find that they will have extra allowances, which will cover the higher cost of living in London, or if the teacher commutes to work from outside the capital, the cost of travel every day. The starting salary within London, then, is typically in the region of £26,000 to £35, 568. There are also additional allowances available for teachers in the South East region of England.

Scotland: General Pay

Teachers in Scotland begin on the same main scale regardless of the area in which they work. This incremental scale begins at around £20,937 and can rise, as the teacher gains expertise and responsibility as a professional, to £33,399 as of September 2009.

England and Wales: Higher Pay

In the school systems of both England and Wales, nursery teachers can extend their salary range through assessment. If a nursery teacher has reached the top end of the main salary scale detailed above, he can apply to be placed upon what is known as the upper pay scale, which ranges from £33,412 to £35,929.

In the London area, the upper pay scale ranges from £40,288 to £43,690.

Scotland: Higher Pay

As in England and Wales, experienced teachers in Scotland can increase their salaries. However, Scotland has a chartered teacher program, which is open to teachers who remain in classroom teaching as opposed to changing to school management careers. Through the program teachers will learn the skills necessary to take them to the next level and can earn up to £39,942.

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