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Unemployment training grants

The federal government offers many grants that help fund training programs and professional development services for those who are unemployed. These grants are mostly given to states, which allocate funds to organisations that are willing and able to help individuals obtain the skills necessary to find a job.

Workforce Investment Act Adult Program

The purpose of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Adult Program is to improve opportunities in the workforce, increase employment and reduce welfare dependency nationwide. A total of £11.0 million from the U.S. Department of Labor and £6.3 million from the Recovery Act have been allocated for this program. The program offers three levels of services, each designed to increase an individual’s capacity to find work. The first level, Core, provides basic employment services. The second level, Intensive, provides more in-depth career assessment and vocational training. The last and most comprehensive level, Training, provides occupational skills development, on-the-job-training, skill upgrades and literacy programs. The WIA allocates funds to individual states, which are then dispersed to organisations.

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WIA Incentive Grants

The WIA Incentive Grant is awarded to states that exceed performance levels outlined in the Workforce Investment Act. It aims at reducing unemployment and creating a skilled labour force through innovative programs. To compete for this grant, states must submit plans describing these innovative activities and where the grant funds will be applied. In order to receive funds for the state, organisations must develop proposals that demonstrate how funds will be used to improve employment, training and educational opportunities. It takes between one and 15 days to receive grant approval.

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Community Based Job Training Grants

Community Based Job Training Grants are aimed at developing and refining workers' skills so they can pursue good jobs in high demand industries. Grants benefit state community colleges, community college districts, technical colleges and One-Stop Career Centers that meet specific criteria. Programs need to benefit workers in need of new vocational skills, entry-level workers and untapped workers including immigrants. Applicants must submit a proposal and budget that shows how they will provide training to the target populations. The approval process takes anywhere between 90 and 120 days.

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