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How to take a wife's name off a joint checking account

A joint current account is one that is accessible by two parties, as opposed to just one. Both people named on the account can deposit and withdraw money from the account as they see fit. Examples of people who would have a joint current account include a parent and child or a husband and wife. Removing a wife's name from a joint current account is a simple process, though it must be done in a very specific way.

Visit a branch of the bank where the current account was opened. A name cannot be removed from a joint current account over the phone and must be done in person. Both the husband and the wife must be present.

Have available two forms of identification for each person. Any combination of driver's license, social security card, passport or college ID will do. Some banks will only ask for one form of identification per person, but it is a good idea to have two just in case.

Have your account number available. If you don't have your account number on hand, your checkbook or a debit or credit card tied to the account will do.

Sign the joint current account removal form. The bank teller will present you with a form that both parties need to sign. Once this is done, the bank can process the form and remove the wife's name from the account.

Things Needed

  • Joint current account