How to find my work history

Having an accurate record of your work history is important for more than just employment purposes. If you're applying for a professional networking group, seeking an accreditation or looking to go back to school, showcasing your work history is a key factor.

Government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and the social service system may provide some help. Bank statements and past pay stubs can also help you to re-create your employment history

Visit the Social Security Administration at The SSA keeps records of your employment and wages to determine your Social Security benefit when you retire. To obtain this information, copy and paste into your web browser. Print the page.

Fill out the SSA form 7050 to request income information. Fill out your name, Social Security number and date of birth. Check whether you 're requesting detailed income and work information, and why. Write the dates and years you're requesting. If you choose to have your earnings certified by the IRS, it will cost £9 and up, depending on the number of years you're requesting.

Check with the Internal Revenue Service. Visit Click forms and publications on the site's side bar. Click "Forms and Instruction Number (PDF)." Find IRS Form 4506. This form will allow you to order tax return and employment history information. Each tax year requires a £37 fee for copies requested. Mail the form along with your payment to the IRS office closest to you.

Call your past employers. Their human resources departments of past employers should keep employee records on file. Request copies of your W-2 forms, annual income reports of each employee to the IRS by the employer. These forms will narrow down the years you worked. The employers should be able to provide hire and exit dates for your employment.

Check your personal files. If you've kept accurate records, you may be able to piece together your employment history. Letters of hire, job offers, etc. may help you as well. Keeping accurate and organised records could help.

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